Flamenco in Seville

Flamenco in Seville

Music, singing, dancing and emotions, stated by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, flamenco is the most representative Andalusian art and the most popular Spanish genre known all over the world.

Flamenco is an art form that is able to move people and evoke emotions unlike any other. With passionate dancing, intense voices and intricate guitar strumming, it is no wonder that it is known all over the world.

Traditionally, flamenco was enjoyed at small family gatherings, but as its popularity grew it started to be performed in theatres and bars with small stages that paved the way for the flamenco tablaos as we know them today.

Triana and Flamenco

The home of flamenco; the neighbourhood of Triana, has raised some of the most important singers and dancers in the world of flamenco. 

If you want to find out more about the history of flamenco, the Flamenco Dance Museum is worth a visit, although the best way to experience the magic of this art is by going to a live show. If you prefer, you can even combine flamenco with wonderful food on this flamenco and tapas tour or you can see a performance in one of the city's most famous tablaos: El Palacio Andaluz.