Travel Tickets and Passes

Travel Tickets and Passes

Tourist card, multi-trip card, daily pass... get to know the differrent kinds of tickets and transport tickets in Seville and save money.

Although Seville is a city you can visit on foot without too many problems, it's always a good idea to find out about the various transport options on offer in the city.

The price of transport in Seville is not too expensive, and thanks to the many options on offer, you can save both time and money.

One-Trip Ticket

You can get these tickets on board the buses, or in the machines at the metro stops, and they are valid for just one trip. The price is 1.40 (US$ 1.50).

Multi-Trip Card

The multi-trip card is valid for an unlimited number of trips and can be topped up at various points in the city and on various means of transport. The price without a transfer is 0.69 (US$ 0.70) and with a transfer 0.76 (US$ 0.80).

When you pick up the card for the first time you must pay a deposit of 1.50 (US$ 1.60), which is returned to you once you return the card itself.

1 or 3-Day Tourist Card

The tourist card allows unlimited travel on the chosen days without limit, and you can pick it up at the information points at Prado San Sebastián, Plaza Ponce de León, and Avenida Andalucía, 11.

The 1-day card costs 5 (US$ 5.40) and the 3-day card costs 10 (US$ 10.70). They can be topped up on the TUSSAM website (Seville's transport authority).

This card also requires a deposit of 1.50 (US$ 1.60).

30 Day Card

The 30-day card costs 35.30 (US$ 37.80) and can be used for 30 days without limitations. The card may only be used by one person and comes with a management fee 2 (US$ 2.10) when first obtaining the card.