Getting to Seville - By plane, train, car or bus
Getting to Seville

Getting to Seville

The most common ways of reaching Seville are by train or car. Most international tourists fly into larger Spanish cities such as Madrid or Barcelona and then they travel on to Seville. 


Seville has excellent train connections with many cities in Spain. If you take a high-speed train (AVE), you can arrive from Madrid in just two and a half hours, from Cordoba in forty minutes and from Valencia in four hours.


Seville is 329 miles (530 km) south of Madrid, as such, the journey by car takes around 5 hours.

To plan your route, we recommend you use a navigation resource such as Google Maps.


Taking the bus is generally the most economical option, but depending on the city you're coming from, the journey may be long or uncomfortable. Therefore it is not the most recommendable option.


Seville Airport is 6 miles (10 kilometres) from the city centre. It mainly receives domestic flights, however, the number of international flights is increasing year upon year.